Event that changed life


“Nothing is working”,”I am nothing”,”No one loves me”,”She doesn’t like me”,”My life is not worthy”.. These were the thoughts in his mind that day. He googled “Painless methods to commit suicide” and got million of results, but one link attracted him . He clicked on that link page loads completely, It was from some Suicide prevention control. There was a beautiful quote in that page

Committing suicide is very daring job. If you had 10% of that dare you would have got what you want”

Damage was already done, he was now very curious to get that 10% of dare to acheive what he wants. So, he emailed them

Hi Team,

I am going through this this this and I wanted this this this but it came out to be this this this, I need your help



After writing down all the waste, he forgot about what he was trying to do and went outside, played cricket, Gupshup with friends, ate mummy ke hath ka bana hua gajar ka halwa and else.

He completely forgot about the mail he wrote, and of course he was not expecting any reply for the mail he forgot.

After 2 days he got a reply from the NGO.

Dear XYZ,

Sorry for the delayed response, Are you still there??

If yes, Please elaborate your problems



After reading the mail he was doing LMAO, ROFL and rest. On that day he decided to never take that ultimate step and never ever, ever never write mail to that NGO.

And Guys, right now he is very successful Stand Up Comedian and doing job in MNC.

I don’t know what is the moral of this story, if you know please let me know 😀 😀 🙂


It’s time to make a difference


Against the rising waves
your boat is helpless and tired
living one gasp at a time…

though the currents are against you
its time to make a difference

hoist the sail with courage
this is all about your pride

shout ahoy and push ahead..
this is all about your pride

conquer and raise the victory flag
its time to do or die

fly and reach for the sun
leave behind the darkness

powerful storms will shake you..
if you surrender to a whirlpool
what good is your might?

let the light in your heart overcome
break away from the night

master the tides…
so that the seas may salute you
living one gasp at a time..

though the currents are against you
its time to make a difference..

10 Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate!!

1. You can’t imagine any probable scenario in life when they aren’t by your side.


2. You can sit quietly, without busting a nerve wondering what they are thinking and contemplating the magnitude of their love for you.


3. They will laugh at your absolutely disgusting, pitiful jokes when noone else does. They will still laugh at those jokes when you stop getting invited to parties and general social gatherings (obviously because of aforementioned pitiful jokes).


4. They will believe in your dream of launching yourself on an oreo, in to space, while wearing a monkey suit. They will believe in all your dreams.


5. They know the most embarrassing details of your life, in all probability they were there when you were doing said deeds, but they will never divulge details to anyone else. They might, however, torture you regularly by threatening to do so. What’s life without a little adventure?


6. With them there is nothing like too many hugs or too much affection!


7. You love doing things for them, that you wouldn’t otherwise undertake. A swimming lesson, a pottery class, a book reading or a frog dissection class, you’d do anything to see them smile!


8. They will stand behind you despite knowing that your decision is absolute rubbish! The best part? They will also have your back when your masterplan promptly blows up in your pretty little face!


9. You cannot stay mad at them. You feel like you are physically programmed to “un-hate” them as soon as a fight is over!


10. Your loyalty towards them is unwavering, your love for them is unquestioning and you undoubtedly embarrass humanity everytime you guys do your jig but the universe loves you for it!

I Loved It! I Love You

Pushkar Fair 2010At times i was too pushy,

Sometimes a lot rude

but you guys kept with these problems

and you guys kept saying “saala Nautanki!!”

I loved It!I love you


At times i was at my lowest

and you supported me,uplifted my ego,cheered me up

Sometime i was too loud at my highest

and you guys tried to enjoy even with my repelling ego

and you guys kept saying “saala Nautanki!!”

I loved It!I love you


At times i was not doing well in studies 

and you supplied all possible help to me to come over it,

Sometimes i was doing great in studies and shrieking and having false pride

and you guys kept saying “saala Nautanki!!”

I loved It!I love you


At times i needed a gossip ear

and you provided all your attention to listen up my bakwaas

Sometimes i was too shy to put my point/even say a single word

and you guys kept saying “saala Nautanki!!”

I loved It!I love you


At times i was too much philosophical

and you tried your best to contradict,debate,support me

Sometimes i was too cynical and thought everything in life negatively

and you guys kept saying “saala Nautanki!!”

I loved It!I love you


At times i was down with my health

and you messaged me ,visited me ,had a sour milk tea night to make me feel great

Sometime i was too high in my health

and i teased you ,if you had any minor injury,disease

and you guys kept saying “saala Nautanki!!”

I loved It!I love you


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