Blue Screen after logging into Windows Server 2012

Recently, I faced this issue after logging in I could see only Blue Screen, No Icons, No start button. After some experimentation I could resolve this issue. Follow below steps to get out of blue screen:

  1. After logging into the Windows Server, As you will not be able to get “Task Manager”. Click CTRL+SHIFT+ESC, This will open up windows Task Manager for you
  2. Click on File> New Task(Run..)
  3. Type “logoff” command to logoff your session
  4. Re-login, this time you’ll be able to access your remote desktop like before

WD Elements External Hard Disk not detected in Windows 7 Fix

I faced the similar problem when my WD Elements was not detected by Windows 7/8 . I followed below steps to get it back:

  1. Go to control panel.
  2. Click on Administrative Tools
  3. Double click on Computer Management
  4. Click on “Disk Management” under “Storage Section”
  5. Search out Disk section for your External Hard Drive
  6. Right click on Disk 1 and click on “Properties” and under Driver tab, Click on Uninstall
  7. After Uninstalling the driver. Remove the External Hard drive from USB port and connect again
  8. Woila! It started working again!! Now the WD Elements is detected again
  9. You may/may not get “Scan/Fix recommendation” pop up after inserting the USB again. Do it!

PS: If you it is still not working for you after this Fix, Do let me know. We will try another fix 🙂