Make your integrated WebCam work with Ubuntu 15.04

Integrated web cam stopped working when I updated to Ubuntu 15.04, running on Acer Aspire 4720Z(2GB RAM, 160GB HDD). Searched a lot for the solutions, finally Googling paid off.


  • You need to download/install the package ‘webcam’
  • sudo apt-get install webcam
  • After installing the package you need to restart your machine and can check with cheese webcam app
  • sudo apt-get install cheese

Journey to alien city

After more than 30 months of professional stint at my home location, I chose to work in a different city, far far away from my default sets(Longitude,Latitude). Reason for this decision is still unknown to me but will try to give them words.

1) To be successfully independent, Be it financial, emotional and mental.

2) To explore new Life,Place,Culture,Climate and Food.

3) Heard a lot about the diplomatic climate of Pune, thought to give it a try.

4) To find out my passion, It was not that accessible when I was with my family.

5) To befriend more strangers and accomplish my sole aim of life ūüôā

And many, Few important ones are meant to be written in secret diary but not here ūüėČ

Why Can‚Äôt We Wear Kurta-Pyjama to an Interview?

Recently I came across an article titled ‚ÄúHow to dress for an interview‚ÄĚ. The article was no doubt excellent and very informative but one section of the article rang bells in my ears. Well, it had clearly distinguished shirt and trousers from¬†kurtapajamas calling the former as ‚Äúformal dress‚ÄĚ while the latter as ‚Äútraditional dress‚ÄĚ and thereby declaring it as ‚Äúnot appropriate‚ÄĚ for an interview or any formal meeting. Though this has been the norm ever since I was born, I am yet to figure out why the ‚Äúcorporate wardrobe‚ÄĚ doesn‚Äôt include Indian wear. ¬†Why is it just a ‚Äúcostume‚ÄĚ for specific occasions and not a regular clothing?

Why can’t we wear kurta pyjama at interview? Even women have the privilege of wearing saree and salwar kameez at work or while appearing for interviews. In India, the saree is always invoguebut where is Indian wear for men? Men de rigueur wear only shirts and trousers and unfortunately this outfit is not at all Indian but a foreign adaptation just like our car, our mobile phones, our cosmetics so on and so forth.

Look around, staff after staff is bereft of Indian attire. In this contemporary age of industry and entrepreneurship, Indian attire is rarely seen since they botched, or we botched, in making them office wear, formal wear or everyday wear.

We wear¬†Indian attires for festivals, weddings and even at a funeral but in the office or while going to meetings and interview we do not dress in Indian clothes. Even if some office going women in semi-urban or rural areas can be seen wearing sarees or¬†salwar¬†kameez, men are not. The ‚Äėunofficial‚Äô dress code to attend an interview for a job in¬†¬†big city¬†is always the Western wear. Have you ever spotted a¬†man wearing a¬†kurtapyjama¬†to an interview for a job with any company? Forget the multinationals,¬†men¬†go suited-booted to any interview with any XYZ company.

Poignant demise of kurta pyjama or shall I say Indianess? There was India, with all its exceptional textiles encompassing unique textures and colors. No one in the world was wearing that and now we can’t even wear our once so distinctive dress while going for a very important day of our career. Sad!

Not long ago the women and child department of the¬†Haryana government directed its staff¬†to abstain from wearing jeans and T-shirts at work. The subject matter of this circular went like this: ‚ÄúTo wear decent clothes in office‚ÄĚ. That really makes one wonder, ‚ÄúAre jeans and T-shirt indecent?‚ÄĚ The circular was mainly addressed to the field staff stating, ‚ÄúIt has been observed that some officers/officials come to office in jeans/T-shirts/Western dresses which sometimes not only look odd but are also in contravention of government rules.‚ÄĚ

Oh! The issue seems to be the ‚Äúwestern outfit‚ÄĚ then why not ask the employees to wear¬†kurta¬†pyjamas? They are decent enough, right? Covers the entire legs just like a pant and entire arm just like a full sleeve shirt, right?¬†Even then why¬†can‚Äôt we wear Indian dresses to work? Why don‚Äôt news anchors, for instance, wear Kurta pajamas instead of suits?

Indian attires seem to be just a costume limited to specific days on news channels. Udayan Mukherjee, the frontage of the share markets, adorns impressive bandhgalas only on mahurat trading and not otherwise. The dresses of the news anchors have an effect on the viewers as much as the news. If a top anchor is seen wearing kurta pyjama while presenting the daily news almost on a regular basis, it will bring in a change in the perception of the masses towards Indian dresses.

Why is¬†kurta¬†pyjama¬†limited to religious ceremonies only? We pull out our¬†traditional Indian dress¬†from the corner of our closets only on Holi, Diwali, Dasshera or other festive occasions. We never ‚Äėdare‚Äô to wear them to an interview or a formal event. Why can‚Äôt one wear a¬†kurta¬†pyjama¬†to a board meeting or interview? Why is it not included in the ‚Äúcorporate wardrobe‚ÄĚ?

Do you think we look serious and committed wearing shirts and trousers while not so sophisticated in kurta pyjamas? Is it the same India which once boycotted foreign goods and wanted to be independent from outsiders but now feels ashamed to include Indian dress in its corporate dress code.

Souces: adopted.

Event that changed life


“Nothing is working”,”I am nothing”,”No one loves me”,”She doesn’t like me”,”My life is not worthy”.. These were the thoughts in his mind that day. He googled “Painless methods to commit suicide” and got¬†million of results, but one link attracted him . He clicked on that link page loads completely, It was from some Suicide prevention control. There was a beautiful quote in that page

Committing suicide is very daring job. If you had 10% of that dare you would have got what you want”

Damage was already done, he was now very curious to get that 10% of dare to acheive what he wants. So, he emailed them

Hi Team,

I am going through this this this and I wanted this this this but it came out to be this this this, I need your help



After writing down all the waste, he forgot about what he was trying to do and went outside, played cricket, Gupshup with friends, ate mummy ke hath ka bana hua gajar ka halwa and else.

He completely forgot about the mail he wrote, and of course he was not expecting any reply for the mail he forgot.

After 2 days he got a reply from the NGO.

Dear XYZ,

Sorry for the delayed response, Are you still there??

If yes, Please elaborate your problems



After reading the mail he was doing LMAO, ROFL and rest. On that day he decided to never take that ultimate step and never ever, ever never write mail to that NGO.

And Guys, right now he is very successful Stand Up Comedian and doing job in MNC.

I don’t know what is the moral of this story, if you know please let me know ūüėÄ ūüėÄ ūüôā

It’s time to make a difference


Against the rising waves
your boat is helpless and tired
living one gasp at a time…

though the currents are against you
its time to make a difference

hoist the sail with courage
this is all about your pride

shout ahoy and push ahead..
this is all about your pride

conquer and raise the victory flag
its time to do or die

fly and reach for the sun
leave behind the darkness

powerful storms will shake you..
if you surrender to a whirlpool
what good is your might?

let the light in your heart overcome
break away from the night

master the tides…
so that the seas may salute you
living one gasp at a time..

though the currents are against you
its time to make a difference..

10 Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate!!

1. You can’t imagine any probable scenario in life when they aren’t by your side.


2. You can sit quietly, without busting a nerve wondering what they are thinking and contemplating the magnitude of their love for you.


3. They will laugh at your absolutely disgusting, pitiful jokes when noone else does. They will still laugh at those jokes when you stop getting invited to parties and general social gatherings (obviously because of aforementioned pitiful jokes).


4. They will believe in your dream of launching yourself on an oreo, in to space, while wearing a monkey suit. They will believe in all your dreams.


5. They know the most embarrassing details of your life, in all probability they were there when you were doing said deeds, but they will never divulge details to anyone else. They might, however, torture you regularly by threatening to do so. What’s life without a little adventure?


6. With them there is nothing like too many hugs or too much affection!


7. You love doing things for them, that you wouldn’t otherwise undertake. A swimming lesson, a pottery class, a book reading or a frog dissection class, you’d do anything to see them smile!


8. They will stand behind you despite knowing that your decision is absolute rubbish! The best part? They will also have your back when your masterplan promptly blows up in your pretty little face!


9. You cannot stay mad at them. You feel like you are physically programmed to “un-hate” them as soon as a fight is over!


10. Your loyalty towards them is unwavering, your love for them is unquestioning and you undoubtedly embarrass humanity everytime you guys do your jig but the universe loves you for it!